Welcome to Palmacharter !

Our virtual airline is bringing a new concept to flight simulation. Our goal is not to compete with traditional airlines, but rather to provide you with an exciting additional experience :

  • Custom flights to any destination you like, from our hubs of Brussels-Charleroi and Lille (short/medium haul) and Brussels-National (long haul)
  • Seasonal flights to unusual destinations during summer (Tivat, Rimini, Menorca, Dinard,...) and winter (Sion, Salzburg, Bern, Annecy,...)
  • Formula 1 flights for all Grand-Prix of the season
  • Additional flights during major IVAO events (RFE and others)
  • Group flights

Our fleet is composed by 2 Avro RJ-85, able to take off and land in very small airports, 1 737-600 and 2 737-800 having very good short/medium hault performance combined with high passenger load, 1 757-200 for medium/long haul and 1 777-300ER for long haul only.

When joining, you have to get a type rating training and exam for the type(s) of aircraft you want to fly with.

All IVAO pilots are more than welcome !

Jonatan Geeurickx     Joao Carvalho
Chairman & CEO     Chief Operations Officer


PilotI 17
Naše flotila 8
Trasy 3
Celkový počet hodin: 1451:42
Celkový počet letů 435
Pravidelné lety 0
Charterové lety 435
% Pravidelných letů 0.00 %


Volací znakPilotOdletPříletDatumDoba letu
PMR030Paul Ene  EBBR  ENGM 26/12/2019 01:34
PMR030Paul Ene  EBBR  EGLC 24/12/2019 00:45
PMR001Jonatan Geeurickx  LFMN  EBCI 20/11/2019 01:10
PMR001Jonatan Geeurickx  EBCI  LFMN 20/11/2019 01:32
PMR001Jonatan Geeurickx  GVAC  EBCI 15/11/2019 04:56


PilotZaměstnán od
PMR031-Flavien Aymonnier17/04/2019
PMR030-Paul Ene15/04/2019
PMR029-Ahmed Guezati20/02/2018
PMR027-Roan Wera17/10/2017
PMR028-Steve Condylis27/09/2017





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