Our staff provides you with type ratings on Avro RJ, 737NG, 757 and 777 aircrafts.

Training is done as follows :

    • Overview of the aircraft : structure, weight, systems, limitations,...
    • Panels : overhead, pedestal, main instrument panel,...
    • Checklists and flow procedures
    • Basic emergency reactions
    • Observation flight with a flight instructor : IFR flight with full procedures, and visual circuits
    • Same flight by the candidate
    • At least 5 visual circuits
  • EXAM
    • A test flight with failures and emergencies
    • A round trip under observation by the staff

Only Palmacharter members can apply for a type rating session. Most of them take place at Ostend airport.

  • First type rating after application must be done within 30 days
  • A second type rating can be requested after completing 50 hours on the first type
  • Additional type ratings can be requested, always after 30 hours on the previous type. Exception for the 777 which can be done only 5 hours after the 757 type rating (with staff approval)

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